Thursday, February 24, 2005

Revival -- its nature and origin

In a revival large numbers of people are moved to re-orient themselves with a more appropriate attitude towards God. Large numbers of people are moved to attain a more mutually satisfying relationship with God. In a revival large numbers of people are brought into a relationship that holds more joy both for themselves and for their Maker!

In a revival large numbers of people are moved to more wisely “factor in” God in their thinking, are moved to open their hearts more widely to Him, and are moved to dedicate their very selves, heart, mind and body, more deeply to Him.

The “pre-revival” state of mind, it seems to me, can be summed up in the words “oblivious to His wrath”!

Before turning back to the Holy One or to Him in the first place, we tend to be oblivious to His Way and His concerns -- sometimes even -- oblivious to His very existence. As Ezekiel says, “they do not KNOW the Eternal”!

Sadly, all too often those who do not know our Maker and where He’s really at -- think that they do! They’re comfortable with their current understanding of God and comfortable enough with where they personally stand with Him. It is easier to think our standing with Him is “good enough” than it is to deal with even the thought that our Redeemer is displeased with us. When large numbers of people estimate that they’re in “good enough” standing with the Judge, but in fact, they aren’t, a revival is very much in order!

The “pre-revival” state of mind is complacent.

A revival always begins with the concerns and the will of “the unknown God” somehow coming to somebody’s attention, somebody who responds to the God as He really is, instead of as He is imagined to be. An outstanding example is the response of King Josiah when he heard the law of Moses read to him.

All good things come from God. He orchestrates circumstances to turn his children to Him or back to Him.


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